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November 2, 2019

Meet the irrepressible Jennifer Cooper from IXV Coffee. This former fashion designer (J Crew) is now an Up-cycling Queen, Climate Warrior and soon to be Proprietor of IXV Coffee, a no waste espresso bar. She embodies her ideals completely in all of her actions. Brooklyn-based, she’s local to the core. Running amazing community, up-cycling block printing and embroidery workshops, while she waits for the planning approval to come through for IXV Coffee, which will be operated from her converted garage.  Please NY DoB, give her a break!

Here she is modelling her most recent embroidery project, the Im-peach-ment Shirt; she thinks she can do two more before the actual event. Why not cheer her on and buy it?

And what a timely, humour-filled reminder that we all have ways at our disposal to make ourselves heard. There are many things we can all do, however small, to initiate and inspire change.

Like what’s happening over here. My head hurts so much with the Brexit Blues. In the overwhelming confusion and uncertainty about the situation we are in with no clear way out, I am frustrated and angry. Angry at the politicians who seem to care more about their own agendas than that of the country and our future. And completely frustrated with the feeling of disempowerment. How is it that we can’t get them to work together civically, never mind civilly?

And it’s moments like this when the spirit of someone like Jennifer Cooper shines through on my Instagram feed, giving me hope and making me smile.  She inspires me to find ways of putting my interests and skills toward small acts for change. While I work through what that might mean for me, I thought I would invest in one of these, these and these. Nothing like taking out my frustrations vicariously through our dog.

What about you? I’d love to hear about the small acts for change you are contemplating and maybe even doing already.

N.B.: You can follow Jennifer’s highly entertaining Instagram feed here.

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